What is Escency?

Escency is a Minneapolis based commercial and residential janitorial solution provider.

What can Escency  do for you?

1.  We work with all major manufacturers and local distributors to install new paper product and chemical dispensers into your facility.  

2. We provide cleaning services that fit your needs.  Each customer can customize their service to their exact  needs.  Escency can provide everything from daily janitorial services to paper products, chemicals, cleaning equipment and more for your facility.

2 reasons to keep a clean facility.

1. Professional Image - The overall tidiness of your facility reflects on your image.  With customers and visitors it is important to leave good impressions. Clutter and dirtiness leave a message that you are overwhelmed, don't care or lack professionalism.

2. Health - Illness in the work place is a leading cause of inefficiency.  Maintaining a clean work facility can help cut down on illness and viruses spread, keeping employees healthier and reducing sick days.

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